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Festival of the Lutheran Reformation


Why would we talk about something that happened 500 years ago?

This one event forever changed the landscape of Christianity and the world as we know it. Saving peace was restored in the face of spiritual persecution. 500 years later, these truths are still bringing souls from tumultuous storms of legalism into the tranquil harbor of grace.

After centuries of abuse, Martin Luther rocked the boat of the oppressive religious leaders who were creating waves inside of souls rather than calming them. Luther and the reformers restored the eternal gospel in the Bible which proclaim of forgiveness for all—truths that most of the Church had either forgotten, never heard of, or rejected. We don’t just talk about the Reformation because it’s an important storm in history, but because it’s vital for present peace and future comfort. 

Way back in 1517, a few simple yet profound ideas changed everything – not just for the church, but for the whole world with it. Five hundred years later, those ideas are still shocking and radical. Today we acknowledge that God alone deserves the glory for the rescue he has accomplished for us. 500 years ago people were more likely to give glory to their rituals and behavior than to God. Today people are very interested in how God should glorify us with happiness and fulfillment, but not so interested in finding happiness and fulfillment in the gifts God has already given. Today we confess that God has saved us in Christ, and we are more than happy to thank him by saying, *”To God alone be the glory!”

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