Easter 2016 Worship Series

With the women we’ve traveled along with Jesus through his Passion and watched as his lifeless body was laid in the tomb. But the final trip to the tomb doesn’t reveal the finality of death over us. Rather, with glorious vividness, it demonstrates Christ’s triumph over death. What a change! No doubt the women were confused and wonder what happened. They came with tear soaked eyes to view his dead Teacher one more time. But the power of the resurrection opened their eyes to see with vivid clarity, Jesus meant what he promised! Death has been swallowed up in victory; Christ has risen just as he said! Death no longer has mastery over us! Easter means that through Christ death brings forth new life!

During this season of Easter, our worship follows this path.

March 30th: Death looks different in the light of Christ’s empty tomb
April 3rd: Doubt is dispelled with vivid focus on the vivified Lord
April 10th: Seeing Jesus vividly through new eyes
April 17th: Good Shepherd: the vivid picture of the heart and character of Jesus
April 24th: The risen Christ gives vivid detail on God’s will for our lives
May 1st: Seeing true love in vivid detail with the help of our risen Lord