New Bible Study Begins This Weekend

We all worship. We all worship something/someone every day. Functionally, these are our gods.

While many people consider idolatry to be the primitive practice of ancient Near East cultures or even modern tribal peoples, the reality is that idolatry is as much or more an issue today in the Western world as it has ever been in any corner of the planet. In fact, one could argue that the idolatry practiced today in the United States is more embarrassing and more dangerous than bowing down to little carved images because we don’t even realize we’re guilty of it.

God did not design or make us for idolatry. Rather, God built us for God. As God gives us trust in him and lets our lives serve and worship him, it’s a great blessing to us and others.

Join us this weekend as we begin a new Bible Study series entitled Idols We Never Knew We Had. We meet at 9:15 am!