New Worship Series

Lord's Prayer.jpg

The Lord's Prayer…they're 60 plus words that flow from our lips. They've been spoken by millions of Christians for millennia. Sometimes we think about what we're saying when we speak these words, but sometimes we don't. When we pray the Lord's Prayer we want to think about what we're saying. If you understand it, it really is what you want to ask with every prayer. It's just that Jesus is filling in the words. That's why this prayer has stuck around for over 2,000 years.

Think for a moment of what it covers. Hallowed be your name… that God's name would be hallowed and something special in our hearts and in our lives. Your kingdom come… that he would have the last word in our homes and in our families. Your will be done… in marriages and with kids. Give us this day our daily bread… that God would give us everything we need to live each day. The list goes on. If you understand this prayer, what flows out of our mouths will come from the heart.

Over the next several weeks, we're going to unpack these words and these phrases from Jesus so the next time you pray the Lord's Prayer, your lips and your heart are not far from each other. Rather, you cling to these words and can't wait to pray them. For, this prayer from Jesus is the best way to converse with God.