A Different Approach to Summer Worship and Bible Study

Summer worship at Amazing Grace will take a different feel. Beginning Sunday, June 3 and running through Sunday, September 2nd, we’ll combine worship and Bible Study into one hour. Worship will be about 20 minutes shorter than usual. We’ll do this by using an abbreviated order of worship and a shortened sermon.

After the final blessing of worship we’ll sing a short closing hymn verse while the children will be dismissed for a 20 minute Sunday School activity/lesson. During the closing hymn the ushers prepare to hand out a short Bible study to the congregation. The adults will remain in the sanctuary and dive into a series of lessons throughout the summer months using a study that focuses on how Christians live their home lives. These lessons last between 15 and 20 minutes.

After the shortened service and brief Bible study, the congregation is dismissed as usual for refreshments and visiting in our fellowship area and gathering space. There will be no 9:15 AM Bible study or Sunday school during these weeks. I think this will be a nice change of pace for our summer months. Our Sunday school teachers will get a much-needed break. Bible study will be shorter, simpler, and more accessible. It’s been a blessing in the past, and I trust it will again be for us this summer.